H2 AAA+ Mineralising Premium Joss Jug

H2 AAA+ Mineralising Premium Joss Jug
Specification   Description
Capacity : 4 Litres
Life : 3000 Liters (depends on source water)
Package contents : 1 Jug | pH & ORP testing liquids | User manual | Reduction cleaner


About Product

How TO Use

  • Pour any drinkable or purified water.
  • Takes 5-10 minutes for the water to pass through the diffuser.
  • A portable device, use it at your work or home. 

The H2 AAA+ Mineralising Premium Joss Jug has a one-of-a-kind filtering mechanism that purifies and mineralizes every drop of water that passes through it. This implies that your water is not only devoid of contaminants like chlorine and sediment but it is also filled with minerals that are good for your health. As a result, the water tastes clean, pleasant, and stimulating.

This jug is exceptionally simple to use due to its sophisticated design. Simply fill it with tap water and let the filtering system do the rest. The jug also includes pH and ORP testing liquids as well as a user handbook to help you fully grasp how to use it.

This Mineralising Premium Joss Jug has a long lifespan, which is another amazing advantage. Depending on the quality of the source water, it may filter up to 3000 litres of water. This means you can drink clean, mineral-rich water for months before replacing the filter.
The bundle also includes a reduction cleaner to keep your jug in good shape. This cleaning solution aids in the removal of any impurities that may have accumulated in the filter over time, ensuring that your water remains fresh and clean.

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