• What is Ceramic Technology?

    You should not take medication with alkaline water unless directed to do so by your doctor. Alkaline water may cause medications to be absorbed too quickly!

  • What is Alkaline water?

    The ‘alkaline’ in alkaline water refers to its pH level. A pH level is a number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14. For example, something with a pH of 1 would be very acidic and something with a pH of 13 would be very alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water. Because of this, specifically for Indians, it's helpful as we know the consumption of acidic food, and polluted environment has increased like never 

  • Can alkaline water be used to take medication?

    You should not take medication with alkaline water unless directed to do so by your doctor. Alkaline water may cause medications to be absorbed too quickly!

    Not for use with time-release medications

    Time-release medications are designed to be absorbed by the body over a period of time. Taking time-release medications with alkaline water may cause the medication to be absorbed too quickly. Time-release medication can be either prescription or non-prescription, so read the label carefully and if in doubt;  take it with purified water.

  • Are there any cautions about drinking ionized alkaline water?

    Drinking Water pH : 7.0 ~ 9.5 are the best. pH 10.0 over is no good to drink.
    If you have chronic kidney disease or are taking a medication that affects your kidney function, elements in alkaline water could possibly have negative side effects on the kidneys. Consult with your doctor fir

  • What is Hydrogen water?

    Hydrogen water or hydrogen-rich water is nothing but normal water (H2O) with dissolved Hydrogen Gas (H2) in it. For example, how there are carbonated waters or beverages containing dissolved carbon dioxide gas (CO2) in it, or oxygen water, having dissolved oxygen gas (O2) in it.

  • When were Hydrogens' therapeutic benefits first discovered?

    It is said that the medical properties of hydrogen gas were first discovered in 1798, but it became the talk of the town in 2007 when an article about the benefits of hydrogen was issued in a reputable journal of Nature Medicine by Dr Othas group.

  • Is Hydrogen Safe?

    Of Course. Hydrogen gas is shown safe at even 100 times higher concentrations than what is used in water. Here are some incidents proving the safety of Hydrogen:

    • In the late 1800s, hydrogen gas was used to locate gunshot wounds of the intestine and as per the reports it was 0% toxic or irrational even on the most sensitive tissues of the body.

    • Here is one more example proving how safe is hydrogen. It is being used at very high concentrations during deep sea dives to avoid decompression sickness since 1943. And according to the studies, it has never shown toxic effects even at very high levels and pressures of 98.87% H2 and 1.26% O2 at 19.1 atm.

    • Moreover, hydrogen gas occurs naturally in our bodies after eating a fiber-rich meal, it is said that our gut bacteria can generate liters of hydrogen on a regular basis.

    Overall, hydrogen is not an alien substance entering our bodies from some chemistry lab but is a very natural gas essential for our bodies.

  • Won't any dissolved Hydrogen gas escape out of water?

    Yes, it immediately starts coming out once the cap of the water bottle is opened. But it just does not vanish immediately, it takes time the same as the carbon dioxide in any carbonated drink. The hydrogen gas of the water is most likely to stay for a few hours before dropping below its therapeutic level. Hence, it is advised to drink the water immediately before it goes flat..

  • Will the pre-filter remove fluoride from the water?


  • What are RO Purifiers?

    RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. RO Purifier is the most popular and best-selling purifier in the market. This Water Purifier applies force at the place of concentrated water and then that water flows through the Semipermeable Membrane, as a result of which we get pure water.

  • Why do we need H2AAA Filters?

    Generally, our work can be done by “any” RO Purifier. But, when it comes to our health and healthy water, then we should not be satisfied with “any”.

    Let us educate you, what is the difference between normal RO Purifier water and Joystick H2AAA Filter water. Compared to a normal RO, Joystick Filter water contains more minerals. It is well known that more minerals mean better health. If you look at the pH level of both, then the level of RO water is 5.5 pH, which makes the water acidic, whereas the pH level in the water filtered by Joystick is upto 9.5, which makes the water alkaline. ORP in RO water means Oxidation Reduction Potential is positive, which makes the water oxidizing (bad for health) and ORP in Joystick Filter water is negative, which makes the water energized. RO water is without Hydrogen and Joystick Filter water is Hydrogen Rich.

    These are the actual reasons for which you need H2AAA Filters.

  • Why do we need water purifiers at home? Especially Indian households…

    As we know, we should take care of our health above all. The very basis of how our health is, rests on the water that we drink every day.

    We all care about our own as well as our family’s health. In a country like India, where pollution is extreme, it is very important to be more aware of our health. By drinking polluted water, we are prone to many types of diseases & it’s evidence can be reduced to a great extent by installing a water purifier. By drinking purified water Bacteria, Chlorine, Virus and other Parasites can be reduced and it also tastes better.

  • How many services does a Purifier requires?

    If any Purifier gets 1 regular service a month it is enough to maintain its efficiency. But, if this period is stretched for 6 to 12 months, the chances of its inefficiency increases.

  • On what basis shall we choose / buy Water Purifiers?

    Before choosing suitable water purifier, it is important to look into multiple aspects. First of all, we should check the TDS of our household water by knowing the source of the water. TDS means Total Dissolved Solids. If source of our water is through local Municipal body, its TDS can be from 1 to 200 ppm. Such water is supplied to us from any river, pond or local body source. If water comes from tube-well or bore then its TDS can be 200 to 2000 ppm and if our water is coming from a tanker or any other source, then its TDS varies every time.

    After that we must know…

    What is the Water Tank Capacity of that Purifier?

    Does that Purifier provide facility of heating / cooling water?

    Will it run on electricity or without electricity?

    All these things should be checked according to our need.

  • Where are Commercial Water Purifiers (25 to 100 lph) used?

    Commercial Purifiers are used in those places where the water requirement of the people is maximum… such as Hotels, Manufacturing Plants, Schools, Restaurants, Public Places etc.

  • How often these purifiers require service?

    If Commercial Purifiers keep getting regular service in 3 to 6 months, then they keep working at their full efficiency.

  • Where are Industrial Water Purifiers (250 to 2000+ lph) to be used?

    Industrial Water Purifiers are used in different factories / plants like Chemical Processing industry, Food & Beverage industry, Water Treatment plants, Agriculture and Irrigation, Metal industry, Working Fluids, Mining, Municipal Drinking Water plants, Paints industry, Dye plant etc.


  • How often do these purifiers require service?

    Industrial purifiers require servicing between every 3 to 6 months in a normal scenario. If the TDS count is less than 10%, servicing isn’t compulsory, however, it is advisable even in such circumstances. If the TDS of water is above 10% then its comprehensive servicing should be done in 9 to 12 months.

  • What are Water Ionizers?

    Water Ionizer also known as Alkaline Ionizer is a home appliance, which works to maintain the pH of tap water. With the help of this appliance, we can maintain the pH of our water according to our need.

    For purposes such as drinking, washing fruits and vegetables, cleaning utensils, cleaning the floor, sterilizing / sanitizing and such many other activities, pH of water can be maintained as per defined range through Water Ionizer.

  • Why use Water Ionizers?

    The purpose of Water Ionizers is to make water usable for different tasks. Whether it is used for drinking or for the purpose of cleaning food items. Through it we can range the pH of water from 3 to 11, Acidic or Alkaline according to our own needs.

    If we want to drink water normally, then we can keep its pH from 8.5 to 9.5, so that we can avoid Acid Reflections in the body and can also increase our digestion and immunity. It also helps us to fight against various Viruses and Bacteria.

    Water with pH level more than 10.5 is considered as Environment Friendly. It can be used for washing utensils, clothes, fruits and vegetables or general cleaning purposes.

    If the pH of water is kept between 4 to 6, then it is best for washing hands or washing face. Water of this pH can also be used for boiling fruits and vegetables, due to which the process becomes quick and time saving.

    Water with less than 4 pH can be used for Sterilization or Sanitization.

  • Is buying Water Ionizer worth the money?

    We all know that through the eatables we consume on a daily basis, we also intake lots of chemical or harmful substances. Due to this we have to deal with multiple health issues such as acidity, gastric problems or digestive system problems.

    There is a fear of infection everywhere. In our house, kitchen, clothes, surroundings, and through many other sources which can be solved only through proper cleanliness. Even if we do not wash fruits and vegetables properly, we put our health at risk.

    We are always surrounded by innumerable germs without our awareness even in our own clean house. Daily usage things like our comb, toothbrush, towel, handkerchief, etc. are unhygienic and should not be used without proper cleaning.

    We can solve all the above problems with a single device. Water Ionizer. So now, you can decide for yourself whether it is economical or not.

  • How do Water Ionizers work?

    First of all, we have to connect the Water Ionizer to the potable water tap. Once, the water flows through the filter inside it there is a process called Electrolysis, in which the water flows on Positive Electrodes or Negative Electrodes. Based on this holistic process, we get Acidic or Alkaline water ranging from pH 3 to 11 according to our usage.

  • On what basis shall we choose / buy Water Ionizers?

    While buying any Water Ionizer, first of all we have to see its warranty period. After that, check the material of the plates used in it. Least to start with, it must be platinum coated titanium plates. The whole electrolysis process of an ionizer depends on the material of the plate. Also check the number of plates used in any ionizer as 5 is the minimum benchmark. More the plates, better the ionizer. Also, we must check the SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) of the Water ionizer. Anything upwards from 24V can be considered suitable.

    When it comes to healthy water, we should be more and more aware about the product we are using for better health. That is why we must check all the certifications that Ionizer is lashed with and along with that we should also check the accreditations by government or various health & safety bodies of the ionizer manufacture.

  • What are Water Purifiers?

    - Domestic Purifiers (up to 15 lph)

    Domestic Purifiers are made for household use, which is sufficient to meet the potable water requirement of any family.

    - Commercial Purifiers (25 to 100 lph)

    Commercial Purifiers are installed in such places where a good number of people consume drinking water.

    - Industrial Purifiers (250 to 2000+ lph)

    Industrial Purifiers are used in industries to remove impurities from water and to make water pure.

  • What are Water Treatment Products ?

    - RO Spare Parts

    Spare parts of RO include RO Membranes, Pumps, Accessories, Filters, Cartridges, Fittings Accessories etc. which are used for RO machines or plants.

    - Water Ionizers & Hydrogen Generating Products

    Water Ionizer is a home appliance, which maintains the pH of the water by separating the acidic and alkaline components of the tap water with the help of electrolysis.

    Hydrogen Generating Products work to increase the amount of Hydrogen in water. So, that we can get the health benefits of Hydrogen.

    - Antioxidant Mineralising Alkaline Products

    These products mineralize and alkaline the water by making it an antioxidant.

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